While researching the reliability of Marco Polo’s description of the cities and stories in Persia, I found a few authors who published journals about Marco Polo’s journey in Persia and China. Also, I found some historical documents about places Marco Polo had been to or stories Marco Polo had heard from residents. However, most of the authors and stories merely describe the sites or the stories, and few of them compared the stories and descriptions in other sources to the stories and description from the description of the world. My goal in this web page is to integrate different sources about the cities and stories in Persia at the time Marco Polo traveled to Persia and compared them with stories and descriptions in the description of the world to find the reliability. The work’s importance is to find out whether Marco Polo had personally traveled to Persia or not.







In conclusion, after comparing the statements made by Marco Polo in the Description of Worlds and other sources, I found out that most of his portraits of the cities in Persia is reliable. There are many other sources having the similar stories or tellings. The descriptions of the culture and products produced in the cities are reliable. However, I can not confidently conclude that all of the descriptions about Persia is reliable. Firstly, probably because of Marco Polo is not a native speaker, most of the cities names doesn’t match with the name used in other books or sources. Second, the story of the three magi is a hearsay by the local people and there are some parts of the hearsay doesn’t match with other sources, some parts of the story not existing in other resources. Third, probably because of the change of topography before and after the visit of Marco Polo, the location of many cities doesn’t match with the location described in the book. Moreover, Marco Polo doesn’t use exact number but number of “days” to locate a city, probably because he did not have the tool, and therefore it is really hard to distinguish how far can they travel a day, which means it’s really to match the right city described by Marco Polo. In the end, most of the Marco Polo’s description is reliable.